Hi ya,

It’s been some time, I know.
Been here, there, but not every where just yet…so, yeah.

Just had two chunks from some bread I got at the Supermarket yesterday, and the bread isn’t sweet. LOL.

[Yeah, I know what you’re thinking]

It is a [big] deal though. It is, because I sought the attendant’s advice before I got the one I got…of both options I presented her with.
Clearly, our individual definitions of sweet vary by 250 miles…LOL.
When I asked her “which is sweeter?”, I actually meant sugar-sweet.

Next time, I will ensure to be clearer…on the degree of sweetness that appeals to me.
All this bread talk is because I really am not a member of the #BreadGang.
Hehehe, see what I did there?

But for the fact that it goes stale and I would then have to live with the stench; when I buy Bread, it could very easily grow gray hair at mine.
So I really do not bother with it, except there are other people around to have it.

Same goes for Eggs.
And Noodles.
And some other [mainstream] things that fail to come to mind at the moment.

Now, when I do bother with it, there has to be a lot of senrenren [Is this the Nigerian word of October 2014/Q4 2014, or yes?] to it. I expect it should have a lot of complications, and taste sweet; such that I won’t need to Jam, [Peanut] Butter, Margarine, Mayonnaise, or Honey it up. And if I have to, it should be pure, albeit short-lived bliss.

This bread + ALL the jam I have spread on it, clearly does not get me.

Seated here, stuffing this bread in my mouth, typing this [of course], and angry at the sales attendant from the supermarket…then randomly thinking of my mum.

No, I do not live with my folks…I mean, one’s #BabyBoy/Girl status should be probed, if they still live with the parents. LOL.

I guess I miss my mummy.

Thoughts of how much of a hard worker she is, and how the bulk of what I know about Business Management stemmed from watching her manage her businesses while growing up, are on my mind at the moment.

Hardworking and disciplined woman. That.

Akanchawa, too.
[Non-Nigerians, that’s a word for blessed hands. Abi, Ibo and other Nigerians that know?]

[Random: one of my neighbors’ teenage daughters is singing along to KCi and Jojo’s Tell Me It’s Real as I type this. Nostalgia. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to the days when stuff like that was all that mattered. Sometimes.]

Argggh, I need to try and pool my thoughts together again.
Distractions abound in form of children singing.

No, I do not live in Mushin.

I do miss my daddy as well, but there will be a whole post up about him in the coming month…a la birthday senrenren, so no need for anything [more than this] at this time.

Celebrated my birthday last month, and was going to put up a post but got too emotional, so…yeah.

Okay, my mojo has fizzled out, so this is it for this post.

Hopefully, I have not succeeded in getting you to think I am retarded, because I am. NOT.


Love, laughter & liberty,


The debt: Friendship

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

“My friends don’t choose me, I choose my friends.”

I cannot remember where exactly I read or heard the phrase above [no, I will not google], but it has stuck with me through the years, because…

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” ~ Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey.

Friendship is a BIG deal to me. Yeah, that big.

I think friendship is a word laden with too much depth/responsibility, to be thrown around lightly/carelessly.

In my books, friendship is earned; goes without saying, why there’s just about a handful of people I can call friends.

I recently had a couple friends come by mine, to spend some time. One, I last saw 13 years ago; another, a year ago, but 12 years before then…you get.
Through their visits at different times, I relived a bit of my teenage years. They did well to bring back heart-warming memories of old, things I had forgotten I did, things I no longer remembered I like[d]. Random stuff here and there, but through it all, we had fun and it did not for a minute seem like we had been apart for over a decade. We picked up like it was only yesterday we left Secondary School.

I think the scenario above, depicts what friendship should look like through our various lives courses as individuals; in that it should normally transcend time, geographical boundaries, age, religion, sexual orientation, language, almost everything if you ask me.

Friendship comes with the knowledge deep down, that someone has got you, regardless…and that you will be available to return the favor, if and when the need arises; because friendship is a debt one never fully repays – which brings me to the reason one shouldn’t have too many: too much debt is bad for your health, hehehe. Who am I to make the rules though? Hey, suit yourself :-).

If we all could zone in on the magnitude of the words we use, before we use them either as just words or as labels, the world may just be better for it. I imagine then, we wouldn’t have friends murder friends or spouses kill each other, because we understand we are responsible for these people [not their deaths in whatever form], to some extent.

Love, laughter & liberty,

Suicide, selfish?

Posted: August 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

In light of reports on Robin Williams’ passing recently, I randomly read through some comments on social media-sphere branding folks who resort to suicide as selfish and it got me thinking.

Decided to share MY THOUGHTS on the subject.

Personally, I don’t think anyone resorts to suicide with a selfish motive; I mean, to what end really? Like they go “I should kill myself so these people are miserable miss me for a bit”? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I can understand how it could come across as selfish, especially to the bereaved [seeing as they’ll normally wish the dead resolved to stay, rather than take their own life], but in that “seemingly selfish” decision they make, lies some bigger questions for those of us they leave behind:

What did we ever do to get them to rethink the decision to take their own life?

Were we even there enough to know they had struggles, and were fighting battles beneath all the glitz and glamour?

Do we just assume [rather than actually put in the work to find out] they’re fine and all’s well because they make effort to keep up appearances?

No sane person wakes up one day and decides to take their life.

We are all fighting demons, some more than others.
While there may be some who can go through stuff and come out on the other side, not everyone may be that [un]lucky.

I am of the opinion that in our every day lives, we should do our best possible to “leave people better than we meet them”…this will not be possible with everyone, but…you get the drift.

To the best of our abilities, we should be kind and empathetic to people. More often than not, all people need in their low moments are listening ears and mouths that speak life/words of encouragement, into them.

Encourage/Be there for someone today, you may be the singular reason they rethink a suicidal decision.

R.I.P. Robin Williams.
The world will not forget you in a hurry.

Love, laughter & liberty,


Posted: August 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Why hello e-world,

Am I ready for this?
How would I know if I never tried?
I mean…sometimes we have to take a leap of faith first.

This is my leap of faith.
Please don’t ask what number.

My name is Ijeoma.
I am an all-round brilliant and intelligent Nigerian.
I hold two degrees, contemplating going in for a third at the moment; and possess an array of talents.
I do have a surname/family name but I don’t think that information is necessary…at the moment.

This blog name is an Ibo-English version of my name, which literally means safe/good journey.
I consider my name very symbolic, I mean…there is something in a name right?
This is why I seize more opportunities than less, of every new one that either comes my way or I go in the way of.
If it won’t be a good one, it will at least leave me with lessons, and I’m all for lessons.

I am hoping I can share some of myself, as much as will be beneficial to you, your struggles, joys and everything in-between.
I am also hoping I can learn from you, your struggles and your joys.

I do enjoy writing, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading just as much.

Join me on this journey and we’ll see how it goes.

Love, laughter & liberty,